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A Notary Who Keeps It Simple

If you are a title or closing company, we offer the professionalism and reliability you need in a notary. Chapel Company works with 100 closings a month through companies both in Michigan and out of state. Our goal is to explain complicated documents in a way that anyone can understand. We work with many types of real estate-related transactions such as refinance, purchase, reverse, loan modification, loan application, property verifications, and more


Did you ever notice that when you need a notary, it’s rarely convenient? You either don’t have the time during your work day to run out and meet someone or the notary you’ve found isn’t close by. Chapel Company, LLC, has a simple philosophy when it comes to doing business – treat people the way they want to be treated, return documents in a timely manner, and work with the customer on their terms.


Do you need to meet in the evenings or on a weekend? No problem. Is it most convenient to you if the notary comes to your home or business? We do that! With nearly a decade of experience, we work with title companies, closing companies and individuals to facilitate and review the documents involved in refinancing a home or investment property.


Call us today to see how we can work together to make your transactions successful – (517) 420-6784.

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