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Filing tax returns has always been important, but also a little scary. With all of the changes in tax rules and regulations that happen every year and talk of increasing the number of tax audits, tax preparation requires more accuracy, better documentation, and a thorough understanding of all tax rules and regulations.

Having a Professional Tax Preparer assist you with the tax preparation will help to understand tax rules related to your situation and improve supporting documentation. This will not avoid a tax audit, but will prepare you with information needed that will result in a positive conclusion.


One of my new tax clients who prepared their own tax return was being audited. After reviewing the tax return they filed, I found a number of errors which explained why they were being audited. I prepared them for the audit; they met with the auditor and learned that certain tax software used by individuals to file their tax results in higher than average errors. The tax auditor completed the audit, sent them a bill for taxes owed. After reviewing the auditors working papers, I found a number of errors which resulted in a refund – not a tax bill. Tax auditors make mistakes too!


The Type of Tax Forms We Prepare

  • Individual Tax Return
  • Partnership
  • Small Business
  • S-Corp
  • C-Corp

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